We lead with talent, ideas and results.

At Kognitive, we bring great people to smart marketing experiences. Founded in 2006, Kognitive Marketing has experienced over 100% growth year over year since 2010, and is recognized as a leader in Experiential Marketing. We invest in our employees by providing them with exceptional training and development, ensuring upward mobility as well as personal and professional growth. We’re also fun and full of energy and that gets our Clients the results they are after.

Our beliefs make us leaders.

We are all entrepreneurs

We build relationships

We represent brands with passion

We focus on continuous development

We guarantee results.

We are so confident in our ideas and team that we guarantee great results.
At Kognitive Marketing we will work with your needs and budget to increase your sales RISK FREE!

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At Kognitive we are focused on growth excellence.

Kognitive Marketing is a leader in the Canadian marketing industry, earning the #1 ranking on the PROFIT 500 as the Fastest-Growing Marketing Company in Canada, and the #6 Fastest-Growing Company in the country. We are recognized as the leader of in-field activations and acquisitions.

How do we do this? We do this by putting our clients and their customers first.


Experiences that get noticed.

People can’t resist a Kognitive event. Our outstanding staff and programs get noticed.