Results Driven Experiences.

At Kognitive Marketing, our Clients are our partners. Your growth motivates us to lead, innovate and guide a program from start to success. Always searching for new opportunities and unique ways to achieve your goals. With strategic insights, set targets and our energized Kognitive team, our activation programs disrupt, attract and get your audience to take action, on the spot.

We build relationships.

With Direct Selling, we achieve goals and convert consumers to customers. Our programs are structured to engage customers, increase their knowledge on the product or service and then close in a professional manner.

We attract the right audience.

With Intercept Marketing, we look for the right place with the right people and we pair this with the perfect plan. Our programs hone in on your target audience and attract them with exciting programs and our enthusiastic staff.

We make genuine connections.

Experiential Marketing gives us the chance to connect your consumer with your brand. Through engaging programs and influencing emotion in consumers, our goal is to keep your brand top of mind, build interest and relationships.

We generate quality leads.

Lead Generation is the refined ability to track your target demographic and qualify them as potential buyers for your brand. We deliver the right people to you, on a silver platter.

Leading with our 5 step process.

  • Design

    Crafting the target customer’s experience to achieve our client’s activation objectives. We chose the right representatives and locations to activate our client’s visions, and design programs to engage target customers for the campaign.

  • Recruit

    Recruiting the right representatives is paramount to the success of a client’s campaign. We make sure each recruit is well-aligned to each brand and can connect with the target audience.

  • Train

    From the classroom to the field, our representatives undergo an unrivalled, interactive and high-touch training program, giving representatives the skills they need to succeed at engaging a customer to make the sale.

  • Execute

    Now it’s time to activate the campaign in market. With the right talent and intensive training, our Reps execute with professionalism, purpose and brand integrity.

  • Optimize

    We engage in continuous improvement activities, evaluating our performance and program metrics to identify opportunities for improved effectiveness and efficiencies. Once identified, we circle back to the first step of this 5 step cycle to make the appropriate adjustments to each step.

Our case studies speak volumes.

See how a well-trained team and a perfectly executed program get people to take action, on the spot.